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Cinco de Mayo Recipes


This is Part 1 of the Cinco de Yummo recipe series: Betserita’s Frozen Margaritas. These are tried and true recipes, and the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your family and friends. Make sure you don’t miss Part 2 of the series: Fresh Guacamole.

Cinco de Mayo Recipes
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Cinco de Yummo!

Reward yourself with a pitcher of my favorite margaritas and a big bowl of homemade guac. These are tried and true recipes, and the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (misunderstood history notwithstanding) with your family and friends.

Asparagus Soup

Come, Lovely Spring

My love for cooking and my love for the man who would become my husband both had their origin in Washington, D.C. in the spring of 1989. Paul said it dawned on him that evening that if I could make asparagus taste that good, he saw promise in the relationship.

Salad Chart
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For being somewhat of a salad connoisseur, I came to them relatively late in life. In the original Strawberry Kitchen, the salad course was typically some sort of congealed concoction, made of canned fruit and jello and topped with cool whip.

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My Homemade Granola

It is the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, and da-bom-dot-com, all tossed together and served with a spoon. I’ve heard tell that certain people…OK, one person…has eaten it for breakfast and lunch every day for the past week and still hasn’t gotten tired of it.

Sheet Pan Broccoli

Sheet Pan Broccoli

The most economical way to make this is to cut the florets from a head of broccoli. If you’re in a hurry, the pre-cut bags of florets work well. If the florets are large, cut them down so that each one is small. They’ll get crispier and more caramelized that way.

Sheet Pan Broccoli

Two Sheet Pan Supper

The opportunity, or government order, to pause and spend time at home is an introvert’s dream. Weekends when the only thing on my “to do” list was to plan, shop for, create, and savor an elaborate dinner for my family is nothing short of a gift, no matter the cause.

Jack's Favorite Chicken
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Jack’s Favorite Chicken

You really need a sheet pan with a rim to catch any runaway juices. Don’t use a cookie sheet unless you fancy the excitement of an oven fire. If you don’t already have them, a couple heavy-duty sheet pans are the best New Year’s gifts you can give your kitchen.

Christmas Cookies
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Merry Christmas Cookies

There are lots of recipes for Christmas sugar cookies out there.  But my family’s recipe for “Merry Christmas Cutout Cookies,” now being made by a fourth generation of Walsh descendants, is superior. Here’s why: This recipe actually tastes good.