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When life gives you lemon bars…

Originally from a Junior League of Austin cookbook, this version has double the lemon goo as the original recipe.  Feel free to omit the icing; this is the Pegster’s preference.  But I needed extra sugar this month.

Skinny Cauliflower that Tastes Fat

In my first year of marriage, I gained 20 pounds.  I had dieted leading up to my wedding day, so that, in the cherished tradition of my female forebears, I could crow for the rest of my life “I weighed (insert weight never to be achieved again) on my wedding […]

The Incredible, Edible Soufflé

This recipe really, truly, involves dumping a bunch of pedestrian ingredients into a blender, pouring the mixture into a soufflé dish, baking for 45 minutes, then serving a perfectly-risen soufflé to a chorus of oohs and ahhs