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When life gives you lemon bars…

Originally from a Junior League of Austin cookbook, this version has double the lemon goo as the original recipe.  Feel free to omit the icing; this is the Pegster’s preference.  But I needed extra sugar this month.


One-Bowl Brownies

Why anyone makes brownies from a mix is beyond me. Not only do they taste like cardboard and have the mouth-feel of a dry sponge, mix brownies don’t take any less effort than scratch brownies. Plus, the latter can be thrown together in a jiffy.

Pumpkin Bread

Doris’ Pumpkin Bread

Did ya’ll feel that? Yesterday morning, I walked outside to get the paper, and the temperature was, wait for it, in the seventies! This, coupled with the fact that those noxious cinnamon brooms are now polluting the entrance of every Publix in town.